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Onoro Server License

Server License Type Term Year One Price Subsequent
"I am Human" 12 Months Free Free
Age Verification Standard 12 Months Free £99 per Year
Age Verification Enterprise Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Other Status Verifications Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

Some third party age verification providers charge sites on a “per-authorization” basis. We do not employ this model as it has inherent security and privacy risks, as well as adding an additional potential failure point.

For example, if a site or app that requires age verification is charged on a “per-authorization” model, the Age Verification provider has to know how many authorizations have occurred and on which sites. This creates both a possible failure point as well as creating potential privacy issues.

Our model eliminates this layer of tracking and reporting. Also, with Onoro, there are no hidden fees, just a straightforward affordable licencing fee.

Onoro Enterprise Hosting

If you would be interested in hosting an Onoro Server solution to provide this service to smaller sites, please contact us.


PortesCard Vouchers are sold at authorized vendors and have a code on them that is used to generate a proof-of-age DIID when entered into the end user's Portes app.

The PortesCard server generates the codes that are provided to these vendors.

It knows which codes are valid, which codes have been redeemed, which codes have expired, and which codes are fraudulent (see Fraud Prevention).

Third-Party Age Verification Providers

PortesCard codes are not limited to physical vouchers. Other third-party Age Verification services can licence and generate PortesCard codes online, after first verifying the age of a user.

Users verifying their age, could then convert the provided code into an Age Verification DIID in their Portes app by scanning it.

This would create a protective wall separating any age verification data that was entered from the process of proving age to a third-party. It would also remove the need for account-based age verification, which has many inherent risks.

Third-Party Verification steps:

  • User verifies their age by providing their personal data.
  • Upon successful verification, the Age Verifier requests a PortesCard code.
  • The PortesCard code is presented to the User who scans it with their Portes App.

If you are interested in licencing the PortesCard for your Age Verification solution, please contact us.